Who are we?


Indalenergy is a multidisciplinary engineering service firm that operates in the sector of renewable energies, characterized by its four main work lines: location and project development, engineering and construction management, Audits of operation and maintenance services and project transaction services.

Indalenergy works intensely on green energy solutions for livestock and irrigations farms, due to the actual energy prices tendency. It is specially focused on self-supply solutions and pumping photovoltaic solar systems.


Ready to Build - Project Development

Location, engineering and administrative requests are necessary processes to obtain the authority approvals for a Renewable Plant, in other words to get the project to be Ready to Build (RTB). Indalenergy offers services in the location, evaluation, design, processing engineering and permitting management of renewable projects.

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Engineering and Construction Management

Indalenergy has developed its own photovoltaics installations and there are already in operation phase, so understands the process and challenges clients face when taking projects from Scoping Level through to Operating Plants. Indalenergy offers engineering services from the design and detailed engineering until the renewable project execution.

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Project Transaction

Indalenergy is a trusted advisor in the transactions of the renewable energies sector thanks to the excellent preparation of its team. Indalenergy and its legal team offer advice in the complete transaction process that includes negotiation, drafting and review of trade agreements.

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Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Audits

Indalenergy brings its expertise to the operations phase in the form of PV power station audits and due diligence investigations. Very helpful technical and legal services that includes the monitoring of the annual preventive maintenance plan, checking the monthly invoicing and processing the correspondent claims.

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